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Balanced weave belts are formed by left and right spirals and assembly with pre-crimped rod. Round or flat spiral type is available according to application, Drive on the basis of friction; large enough drive roller is necessary, customized sprocket can use as Positive-Drive, allowing sprockets to engage with the belts mesh. According to the application environment, select the appropriate pitch and pitch, mesh belt edge is usually welded or clenched.

The belts joined using the crimped rods : This style combines all advantages of wire mesh belt. The crimped rod guarantees all spirals in right positions to prevent distortion and stretch.

The belts joined using straight rods: the alternative left and right spirals are connected by straight rods, Holes are very s mall and well distributed and guarantees smooth belt running . 

Allowable tension is high and heavy load can be carried. 


Low maintenance, easy to clean and install.

excellent ventilation and water drainage

Widest range of application and combines most advantages of metal mesh belt.

Stable straight belt run is guaranteed by alternated left and right spirals

Smooth belt surface, capable of bearing high load and tensile strength

Technical specifications:

Material: carbon steel , SUS201 , SUS304 , SUS316 , SUS314

Wire diameter(mm): 1.2 , 1.4 , 1.5 , 1.6 , 18, 2 , 2.5 , 3

Spiral pitch(mm): 2.8 - 40 

Rod pitch(mm): 5 - 50.8

Belt  width(mm): 200- 5000

Belt Length:  Customized 

Sprocket:Material & sprocket special is customized as per request 

Special specifications are available.

Key Industries:

Food Processing, clean energy industry, solar panels and batteries, chemistry, electronics industry, wood, textiles, heat treatment, architectural,

Key Application:

Baking / oven / Cooling / Freezing & chilling / Coating / Fry / Filtering / Cooking & Searing / Washing / Sterilization / Pasteurizing / Package /  High temperature dry /Product transfer/ Heat treatment tempering, cooling / Curing / In-feed & out-feed

Textile blanching / Architectural curtain / Shrink-Wrapping

Applicable mechanical equipment:

Oven equipment/  IQF Tunnel freezing equipment/ Dehydrating equipment/ sterilizing equipment/drying equipment/filtering equipment/ cleaning equipment/cooling equipment/ quenching tank / Tempering equipment/packaging equipment

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