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Our Advantage

1,Professional engineers with technical drawing skills provide you with conveyor solution;
2, Advanced automation equipment greatly improves production efficiency.

3, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification;
4,Some conveyor belts series have passed third-party laboratory food-grade tests (GB4806.9);
5, A strong supply chain of raw materials and logistics to ensure timely delivery
6, Solar panels are 6000 square meters. Green energy saving and reduce production costs.

QA Inspection

1,Inspection for Raw Material 
Spectral analyzer for inspecting chemical composition, Hardness tester to inspect hardness of raw material,Caliper for inspecting wire diameter.

2,Inspection in Production
Carry out quality control on each production procedure to ensure qualification rate.

3,Finished product delivery inspection
We conduct 100% inspection and the qualified products are stamped with QA PASS. Special export wooden boxes are used to ensure products are delivered without damage.