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Chain Plate belt is a solid belt that is made of metal plate and driven by sprocket. . Perfect for conveying small and high density products. Easy to maintain, durable  and long lifespan. self-supporting structure of plate belts means they can be used over large widths without support. Perforations allow the opening on plate belt according to application. Chain edge can be fixed with a cotter pin or washer According to mesh belt width, length, running speed and mechanical configuration of the conveyor belt, select chain model no and cross rod specification. Chain Plate Belt Design can add side guard on both edges of the mesh Belt and cross flight in the middle of the mesh surface.


Solid and high loading capacity that can load heavy duty products.

• Plate belt is made of metal plate, which can bear high load and tensile strength

• Self-supporting structure does not require any other support.

• Driven by  sprocket to ensure the stable running and accurate tracking 

• Low maintenance, easy to clean and install.

Technical specifications:

Material: carbon steel , SUS201 , SUS304 , SUS316 

Rod pitch(mm): 19.05 , 25.4 , 31.75 , 38.1 , 50.8 , 76.2

Rod diameter(mm): 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12

Belt width(mm): 200 - 4000 

Belt Length:  Customized 

Sprocket:Material & sprocket special is customized as per request 

Customize specifications is available.

Key Industries:

Food Processing, clean energy industry, solar panels and batteries, chemistry, electronics industry, wood, textiles, heat treatment, Waste Disposal

Key Application:

Products Transport/ Drainage/sorting/ Waste treatment / Elevating / Blanching/ Baking/ Fry / Filtering / Cooking & Searing /  Washing / Sterilization / Pasteurizing / Package /  High temperature oven / Cooling dry  / Heat treatment tempering, cooling / Textile blanching / 

Applicable mechanical equipment:

Oven equipment/  IQF Tunnel freezing equipment/ Dehydrating equipment/ sterilizing equipment/drying equipment/filtering equipment/ cleaning equipment/cooling equipment/ quenching tank / sorting equipment

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