Chain Driven Belt Advantages
Chain Driven Belt Advantages

Chain driven belts is composed of wire mesh, cross rods and chains.  Selecting mesh belt style, rod diameter, spiral pitch and rod pitch are according to the type, shape, size and weight of carrying product. According to mesh belt width, length, running speed and mechanical configuration of the conveyor belt, select chain model no and cross rod specifications .


1. Chain belt is driven by sprocket, running smoothly and decreases the load on belt surface;

2. Smooth mesh belt surface and solid cross rod support which can bear high load and tensile strength;

3. Chain-driven belts are also only belts that are self- supporting. Efficient running in applications where friction-driven belts would not be desirable. Travel in straight,

Travel-up inclines, under heavy loads and long distances.

4. Mesh Belt style is multi-choice, nearly all  mesh belt type can be assembled into a chain, which balance weave mesh,  one direction mesh most common used in chain mesh belt.

5. Chain mesh belt support can stay pin, flat bar, tube according to application

6. Spiral type for support can with constant thickness, large spiral, triangular spiral 

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